“Few yarns have a twist in them as convoluted as the tale of Gillian Osband:
a children’s book publisher and author... who re-wrote her own life story,
became a farmer ... and then branched out into knitware.”

Hilary Alexander, The Daily Telegraph, London

This is a very personal collection.
I love clothes that are smart, comfortable and timeless. This is what I aim for in all my knitware. Every single garment that I design has to look good on me. I have to feel happy wearing it, otherwise it doesn't get shown.
One of the best things about wool is that it is wonderful to wear.
When someone chooses one of my pieces I want to ensure that it stays wonderful to wear, so from the very beginning everything I make is designed to keep its shape and hang beautifully.
  This has a lot to do with the stitches and textures that are chosen for each garment; to look good, of course, and to keep on looking good however often you want to wear it.
Much of the wool is spun from my own sheep. They are chosen for the quality of their fleeces.The wool is either used alone or with cashmere to give a softer feel. This season , a rich palette of reds, greens, blues and mauves has been added to the wonderful natural wool colours.  
Then detail and finish are essential. The care that is taken over detail and the finish of each piece is just as important as the quality of the fleeces and it all adds to the expression of the original idea. I like it when the more you look at one of my pieces, the more you see.
Stitches, design, colour, line all play their part but a garment isn’t finished until it has the right buttons. I use old buttons or have horn, slate and metal buttons made especially for me. You can wear one of my garments that is unique with its antique buttons.
  Each year's production is very small. I only make about 500 garments a season. Every single one is hand washed and pressed before delivery. Some are hand knitted. Some hand crocheted. All are hand finished.

These are not clothes you will find everywhere and they generally only sell through those special outlets both in the U.K. and abroad that appreciate classic quality and something a little different  
  New colours are added every year.
The pure cashmere collection complements the garments made from my wool. They are made from top quality cashmere fibre in Wales, at the family company Corgi Ltd.
Gillian Osband
Stockists have included:
Few and Far, London, Livingstone Studios. London, Moon, Glasgow, Seasons, Haverfordwest, Knitworks, Santa Fe, Saks, Fifth Avenue, Toll House, Sussex, Browns London.